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Welcome to your November 2018 Newsletter.

First up, a big THANK YOU and Congratulations to all who attended our final Live Airbnb education events last month, and helping make them such great events.

We’ve now got many successful Airbnb students generating fantastic monthly cashflow from properties they don’t even own, which in my books, is way less risk in this environment.

All year, I’ve been single-minded about positive cashflow and only promoting that which fits the bill. This has meant high cashflow strategies in Airbnb and Multiple Occupancy dwellings, and now you can see why.

After five years of almost parabolic growth, it was October 2017 when I sensed (and wrote) that the Sydney market turned sharply, catching many by surprise.

Sydney home prices have since dropped 7.4%, according to CoreLogic’s latest Home Value Index, but when you’re generating profits off other people’s properties that you don’t own, you are ‘king’ and unaffected by the drop.
​Many major cities are also declining or have flat growth, and I suspect the downturn has mainly been driven by tighter lending standards, in particular the tougher stance on investment-only loans.
There’s a bucket load of fixed-term, interest-only loans up for renewal in the next 24 months, that must be rolled over to principal and interest loans – that simply will not qualify. I don’t see the fallout from that as being positive for the market overall.
That’s why I have been warning and positioning well ahead of time for the changes coming. Not just in the strategies we promote, but in how we promote them.
You will see more web-based events from us moving forward which will enable many more people to get this important information. This specialised knowledge will help protect and diversify your investments and money-making opportunities.
Remember, cashflow is ‘king’, and you want to focus on that.

So after a long wait, they’re back!

That's right. I'm talking about Website Investment Experts, Matt & Liz Raad.
**BRAND NEW** ​​​​​​​Free 60-Minute Online Training Event

How We Buy, Renovate And Sell Websites
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​​​​​​​In an exciting, content-only training event, Matt & Liz will reveal...

How they invest and renovate ‘properties’ with no mortgage, no big deposits, no stamp duty, no stock, no painting or hammering, no on-site staff, and most importantly... no physical property!​​​​​​​

It’s a 60-minute Webcast, with nothing to buy, and it’s FREE to attend!

(Plus you’ll receive a very special gift for being on the call!)

IMPORTANT: This will be your only chance this year to see Matt & Liz present this powerful information. There are no Live events scheduled and numbers are limited.

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Enjoy this month’s newsletter below. Be sure to check out my video success tip with Matt & Liz, as well as your Gift of the Month, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

To Your Success​.​​​​​​​

Gift of the Month
 Expert Videos 
Preparing For The Future

Website Experts Matt & Liz discuss why NOW is the best time to add websites to your investment portfolio.


4 Things To Look For

Airbnb Expert Nicole shares her top 4 things to look for when starting a business to maximise success.


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Amazon Expert Adam Hudson reveals ONE of the seven keys to building a happy and successful life.


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 Event Photos 
Catching up with leading website investment expert, Matt Raad

Some downtime with Airbnb expert Nicole and husband Aaron after our 7-city tour

Team members Dave, Angii and Stuart with Helen from Brisbane​​​​​​​

Dave from my office with Sydney team member Anastasia at a recent event

Carolyn, Dean, Michael, David, Edith, Vic, Harley, Tracy and Mike from Melbourne

Stuart from my Sydney office supporting our Airbnb students on the telephone

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 Book of the Month 

‘How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World’ – by Harry Browne

Browne explains that there are things you can do to be free, and if you turn your attention to those things, no one will stand in your way. But when you become preoccupied with those who are blocking you, you overlook the many alternatives you could use to bypass them.​​​​​​​
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How We Buy, Renovate & Sell Websites
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✓ Which websites to buy, how to value them, and how to do your due diligence, so you don't get caught buying a lemon!

EXACTLY where you can buy highly valuable websites and how you can buy them... even if you have ZERO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE

✓ The three things you need to look out for in any website if you want to make a profit from it (you’ll start to see these characteristics everywhere when you know what to look for)
The 3 simple steps Matt & Liz use to renovate their websites and how to pay them off quickly so you can buy more

✓ How buying and selling websites is just like buying and selling property... for cash... only a lot quicker and easier!

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And MUCH, much more!
IMPORTANT: This will be your only chance this year to see this online in a dedicated 60-minute format. Numbers are limited and these events will book out.

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