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Merry Christmas! I trust your year has been filled with big goals, special moments and phenomenal results.

This month I’ve included 12 Steps In The Mortgagee Repossession Process plus some special festive gifts and a first-time news announcement.

The Property Market In 2015…

Having read a lot of articles on predictions for the New Year, I’ve found that some experts believe the ‘property bubble’ will remain intact; some think it’s due to burst; and others feel there will be a regional divide.

I think there’s opportunity in any market regardless of what the headlines say, because there’s always going to be a micro-market or circumstantial sale that can be right for you.

So I want to share some information on the mortgagee repossession process as provided by Dominique Grubisa – this area of investing can be effective in almost any market condition, when done the right way.

** 12 Steps in the Mortgagee Repossession Process **

If you’re interested in buying distressed property under market value, it can be important to understand where the seller is positioned in the sales process so you can better gauge how to approach the deal.

There are typically 12 steps in this process, which means your window of opportunity might not be as brief as you’d first imagined. I’ve included the first 6 steps here, and you can read the entire article via the link below...

1.    Missing the first payment: For one reason or another, the homeowner has missed a payment. This signals an alarm bell for the lender because once a borrower gets behind on their payments it can be very difficult to catch up.

2.    The payment reminder: The lender will send a friendly reminder to the borrower within the first 10-25 days of the missed payment in the hope that it was just an oversight or mistake.

3.    No Response: If the borrower fails to respond to the enquiry and/or the repayment still hasn’t been made, the lender will send a more strongly worded letter and possibly a phone call as an attempt to resolve the issue.

4.    Collection Department: If the payments haven’t been made after 60 days, the lender will then hand the matter over to its internal collection (or loss mitigation) department.

5.    Negotiate: If the lender does manage to get in contact with the borrower, they can offer alternative arrangements to help rectify the situation. Borrowers who fall behind often attempt to avoid confrontation with lenders because they are unaware that this type of agreement can be reached.

6.    External Collection: The owner has now missed three payments over 90 days and there is less chance of them catching up on their payments in the future. The situation has become more serious, so the lender will often seek external lawyers or legal officers to begin legal proceedings against the homeowner.

Read the full blog post (including the final 6 steps) here

** ZPE News Announcement - FREE 1 Day Training Events **

Our resident Debt & Legal Expert, Dominique Grubisa, is presenting one-off full training days in early February, as a kick-start to our events schedule for 2015!

As mentioned over the last few months, we are holding less events with Dominique moving forward so she can focus on current students and her family, and therefore we're thrilled to be able to secure her for an entire day - 6 hours of complimentary training!

Dominique will be featuring both of her strategies (Distressed Property & Asset Protection) as well as up-to-the-minute insights on the health of the overall market... PLUS, from 5-6:30pm I'm inviting you to join us for a celebratory New Year drink and to meet other investors.

Imagine how much you could discover by spending an entire day with Dominique?

Claim Your Complimentary Tickets As Our ‘Free Gift of the Month’

But we’re not done yet! Keep reading for more property tips and gifts, plus some other fun and valuable content.

I hope you have a Happy Christmas, a wonderful New Year and I look forward to seeing you in 2015!

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