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Welcome to your July Start-Of-Financial-Year newsletter.

That’s right, it’s the first month of a new financial year and in my experience, how it ends for you next June, is completely dependent on how you start this July!

Make a commitment that this year will not be the year where you're scrambling next June to minimise your tax or wish you had made more money.

Start now.

The start is everything!

And it’s worth putting a little positive pressure on yourself to get going.

What you do in the next 45 days will pretty much determine how the next 320 turn out.

Do some research, attend some seminars, read some books, watch some videos.

No one has as much interest in your financial result as you do.

It’s more important to be pro-active now than ever, as the global financial situation begins to unravel.

No doubt, you're aware that Greece and the Euro Zone are having massive financial challenges. The Greeks Voted ‘No’ on the weekend to the harsh terms of a financial ‘rescue’ package. Their banks remain closed and people are only allowed to withdraw $50 Euro’s per day. Clearly that’s not sustainable.

While this is going on, China’s stock market is in freefall. Massive Government intervention to organize a bailout fund is afoot.

On the local front, the RBA left official interest rates on hold this week as the Aussie dollar plummeted below 74 cents overnight.

What Aussie property investors need to be critically aware of is that we are not immune. In fact, we are intimately linked to the global financial system and it pays to be in-the-know.

This month's gift is the fastest way I know to bring you up to speed.

**Announcing: ‘How To Buy Distressed Property Up To 40% Discount and How To Protect Your Assets’**

In response to the dramatic situation unravelling in Greece/Euro Zone and China right now, Australian debt and legal expert Dominique Grubisa has agreed to present an Urgent and exclusive 1-Day tour in July.

At this exclusive FREE 1-Day event Dominique will show you:

- Her best ideas on how you can legally protect yourself and your assets.
- Her insider information on how you can profit from distressed property wreckage both now and in the coming months.
- Her up-to-the-minute information and thoughts about what’s likely coming next.

It’s a must-attend event if you wish to be prepared, protected and profitable.

There’s limited seating due to venue capacity, so don’t delay.

As JFK said, ‘In the Chinese language, the word "crisis" is composed of two characters, one representing danger and the other, opportunity’.

You can protect yourself and your family's financial future and yes, you can profit from the mayhem.

Secure your financial future by clicking the link below. 

Make no mistake, the global financial situation is accelerating.

Get Educated. 

To Your Success,

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Ryan from NSW was extremely excited after attending the Ultimate Property Conference. By discovering it's about much more than just generating cash, he's confident that he can achieve wealth in his life.
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Thank you for this expression of gratitude Sarah (from QLD). It's hearing and seeing this type of feedback that makes what I do feel worthwhile. Thanks again!

The Demographic Cliff: How to survive and prosper
during the Great Deflation of 2014-2019

Best-selling Author and financial guru Harry Dent has spent his career studying the relationship between demographics and the economy, and what specifically triggers change.

In this powerful insight to our modern world, Dent explains why the US (and subsequently everyone around them) is resting on the cliff of a 'great deflation' - which is being brought on by the inevitable retirement and decline of the Baby Boomer Generation.

Get your hands on this if you're looking for advice on retirement planning, health care, real estate, education, investment and business strategies.


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