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The day was September 26, 1983 at 5:21PM and the longest winning streak in sports history (132 years) was about to be broken… but not without a fight.

Coming back from an incredible 3-1 down in the best-of-seven series, a gritty group of Australians were about to face the final, penultimate test. Under the scrutiny of the World’s spotlight, the full force of Dennis Conner’s American 12 metre war machine - Liberty - was about to be launched against them as they attempted to hold a tight cover all the way to the finish line... in what has been labelled ‘The Race of the Century.’

Little did they know, they were on the verge of the greatest tacking duel in history. In this final, epic race, Australia II (skippered by John Bertrand) rounded the final America’s Cup buoy to head up the last windward leg... just 21 seconds in front of the Americans.

No sooner had Liberty rounded the final mark that they discovered they couldn’t outrun Australia II in time.. so they threw a tack, and straight away Australia II covers. Instantly comes another tack, and then another, a total of six more aggressive tack manoeuvres. Each one matched and covered in quick succession by the Aussies.

Like two heavy-weight boxers in the ring standing toe-to-toe, going at it blow-for-blow... not to see who was the fastest or hit the hardest... but to see who could withstand the most pain and take the greatest battering. They exchanged punch-for-punch, tack-for-tack as they staggered ever closer to the finish.

Around some 24 tacks later, still in front, the Australians begin to get uptight. Bertrand’s concentration is strained and the American’s experience is coming through. On into the 31st tack and the Australians begin to tire. The big red boat is coming for them and their lead has halved.

On into tack 41 and the men on Australia II have entered the ‘red zone’, sweat pouring from their bodies, muscles throbbing, heartbeats at maximum RPM, pressure mounting and on the verge of faltering…

When suddenly they start to “dedicate” each tack to one of the crew... in this last ditch struggle to hold their lead... and it takes them higher. 

After a resounding dog fight, a never-before-experienced 47-tack onslaught – Conner is spent and slumps in his chair – and Australia II sails across the finish line and into history to win the America’s Cup.

What won the Aussies that final dramatic windward leg was not their offence, but their defence. It was their ability to cover the threats launched against them. It was their ability to protect their lead.

In business and wealth generation, it’s often said that making money (offence) is one thing, but keeping it (defence) is a whole other matter. Just as in the story above, getting in the lead is one thing - staying there is another. Without a great defence, the best offence in the world is ultimately fruitless.

There are so many challenges and threats right now to your wealth and future (way more than 47 - let me tell you)... And it's time to get your defence in order. It is how you cover and how you protect what you have now, that will determine whether you win the race or not.

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Valerie from attended my Perth UPC looking for that 'sweet spot' in life. Having watched all of the speakers, she's now found the desire and freedom to get out there and make the most of her opportunities. Watch her video here

Mark came to my Melbourne UPC expecting to learn different strategies about the property market, however he came away with much more, now feels ready to attract success and wealth into his life. Watch his video here.

Thank you for sharing your message on my Facebook page Andrew, and for stepping out of your comfort zone...

Born To Win by John Bertrand

‘Born To Win’ captures the classic underdog story that saw Australia II take out a historic victory in the 1983 America’s Cup.

First published in 1985, this updated edition includes John Bertrand’s life after the America’s Cup. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but it’s an inspiring tale of courage, fortitude and commitment - from a born leader and entrepreneur.

If you are thinking this is a ‘sailor only’ read, then think again. Suitable for all ages, 'Born To Win' has received rave reviews from people of all walks of life.

Thank you to everyone who attended Dominique’s final exclusive 1-Day National Tour.

Great to bump into Sydney client Katherine at a local Thai restaurant.

Jasi & Dominique backstage
at a recent event.

Michelle from QLD sent us some amazing photos of a Reno she has just completed!

Amit from NSW posted us photos of his newly planted Mango & Mandarin trees – we’ve added them to our tally.

Congrats to Tharma, the major prize winner of a 1 Kilo Solid Silver Kookaburra Coin at Dominique’s Parramatta event.

Sydney Team catch up – Michael, Stuart, Dave, Mel, Todd & Steve – all looking very smart!

Great to spend some time with Sarah from our Perth Team in her hi-vis gear.

Michael, Felicity & Nick at a recent team lunch.

Team meeting Perth-style! Some stretches before the big event – UPC Perth.

Team members Stuart & Mel enjoyed some indoor sky-diving (with our books).

Green smoothies all-round before the event starts.


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