Hi friends,

Just recently I was talking to a good friend of mine, Shaun, about a deal.

Now I know what you're thinking – but no, it wasn't a property deal.

Shaun is a qualified mechanic by trade (no longer in the industry) and an avid car enthusiast to say the least. Since changing careers, he has still been known to work on antique and 'muscle' cars as a hobby on the side.

The experience and knowledge gained over this time (much of it through self education) means he knows the right people and the right deal when he sees it.

When we chatted, he told me about a particular deal that had potential to generate a tidy profit. It was a gorgeous Monaro that was selling at a discounted price.

Shaun's friend had seen it online and came to him for advice. Although Shaun didn't exactly have the time to take the deal on board, he told him what needed to be done, offered him support in the deal and even said he would go 50/50 with him.

So Shaun and the friend made some good money, right?

No. Unfortunately, his friend (like many of us when opportunity presents itself) deliberated, procrastinated and essentially went into a state of inertia.

So, despite originally saying he wouldn't do it, Shaun couldn't let the deal go to waste... so he grabbed the opportunity.

Shaun's knowledge of cars, the current market and ability to add value meant that he bought it well under market rates, got it back on the road and made a tidy profit in a matter of weeks.

So, what has this got to do with property you may ask...

Success occurs when preparedness meets opportunity.

Shaun was prepared, was liquid (had the cash) and was ready to act.

I've always said your ability to buy under market value, combined with knowledge of how to add value quickly and self-education, are the most important factors to generate profit in any business – and now so more than ever in property.

Over the past few years we've been experiencing a 'shift'. Technology, the legal system and the GFC have converged to create the 'perfect storm' for the Australian Property Market.

This has meant that Australians who are looking to secure properties at 10... 20... 30% below market value can ABSOLUTELY do so, if they have the right knowledge.

This knowledge isn't found in your regular property magazines. You probably won't find it anywhere on the internet. And it's likely your local real estate agent won't have much of an idea about it either.

This type of knowledge is held by a select few people who have the exact type of on-the-ground experience to formulate such a deal... a lot like Shaun and his cars.

So imagine surrounding yourself with people who are on the look-out for deals like this every week.

Imagine getting inside the brain of someone who created a strategy from scratch to make this possible.

Imagine accessing the EXACT strategy to help you buy properties up to 10-30% discount and getting in ahead of everyday investors.

It's not hard to see, then, why I am so passionate about what our Debt & Legal Specialist Dominique Grubisa has to offer in terms of property and wealth education.

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That's right, for the first and only time in 2016, in a dedicated 2 hour format, leading debt and legal expert Dominique Grubisa, is going to reveal how to buy your next property 10–30% below market value and secure your financial future!

Dominique has “Cracked-The-Code” on buying distressed real estate at MASSIVE discounts (sometimes even direct from banks) and now she is spilling the beans on how YOU can do it too… For FREE!

You cannot find this level of detailed information in one place anywhere else that I am aware of. If you can, I’d like to know about it!

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Enjoy this month's Expert Video Tips and brand new Blog Posts of the Month below – and I look forward to seeing you personally at an event.

To Your Success,

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A Formula For Success

This month, I'm focusing on being prepared for opportunity, so I wanted to share with you a very interesting (and simple) formula for success. Opportunity is vast, so you might just want to write this formula down...


Preparing For Property Purchase

Abraham Lincoln once said, "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I'll spend the first four sharpening the axe”. In property, it pays to sharpen your axe. Get this right, and you'll blow the competition out of the water.


Due Diligence When Developing

Due diligence is the most important part of property development, because if you get the numbers or your facts wrong, you're doomed from the start. Bob explains how you can determine if it's deal or no deal.


Top 5 Areas To Spend Your Money

Renovations involve working with tight budgets. That's why you need to know exactly where to spend your money to reap the greatest rewards. Cherie shares her top 5 areas of the house to get best the bang for your buck.


Flat Earthers

Back in the middle ages, people generally believed the Earth was flat... until someone did a little research. In property, we're told prices will double every 7-10 years, but what happens if we do a little research?


Samantha brought Anastasia to our 2-day UPC event having attended previously and loved it. Samantha picked up on so much she missed the 1st time – Anastasia was amazed at how much she learnt – & they both agree that spending time to invest in themselves sure beats hitting the town! Watch here

Brent from Victoria has grown up in a property develoment family and has been working in the industry himself for over a year. Admitting that he thought he knew it all, he was blown away by the new content, concepts and information provided for free at the UPC event by our experts. Watch here


Land On The Moon
by John Lindeman

Bursting with excitement, the lady told me ‘I just bought ten hectares of land for each of my five grandchildren!’...

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Increase Your Selling Price On Auction Day by Naomi Findlay 

I'm a firm believer that it's essential in business and in property to focus on the things that you have control over...

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We received some wonderful feedback from Vanessa this month as we launched our exclusive round of events for Dominique Grubisa. We're so glad to have helped you on your journey to financial freedom and look forward to hearing your positive results as they unravel for you. Thanks for your kind words Vanessa!

'The Urban Monk' by Pedram Shojai

The term 'Zen' is thrown about quite frequently these days, but so few of us know what it actually means. Not only that, we are unaware of how we can put it to use.
In this fast paced environment, our minds are often filled with complication. Thoughts of the past, present and future as well as confusion and anxiety cloud our natural state of awareness.
This best-seller reveals priceless practices you can engage into your everyday life to help you find an open heart, sharp mind and grounded sense of well-being. This can help you reach prosperity and thrive in the modern world.


Cauliflower Hummus:

2 x cups of cauliflower
2 x cloves of garlic
3 x dessert spoons of tahini
1 x dessert spoon of olive oil
1 x pinch of sea salt

Sweet Potato Chips:

1-2 x large sweet potatoes
1 x dessert spoon of coconut oil
1 x pinch sea salt


1. Preheat oven to 230 degrees.
2. Fill small pot half way with water and place on stove to boil.
3. Scrub the skin of the sweet potato (do not peel).
4. Slice the potato into thin slices, and ensure potato is dry by placing on a paper towel.
5. In a bowl, combine the sweet potato with the coconut oil and salt and massage the ingredients into one another, ensuring each slice of potato gets adequately coated.
6. Lay the potato slices onto a non-stick baking tray or a baking tray lined with baking paper.
7. By this point, the water on the stove should be close to boiling point. Place your fresh cauliflower into the water (or in additional pot to steam if that is your cooking preference).
8. Put your potato/baking tray into the oven and cook for twenty minutes, or until brown. Turn slices over after 10 minutes.
9. Once cauliflower has cooked, let cool for 5-10 minutes. Once cooled, blend all hummus ingredients in a food processor until smooth.
10. Remove sweet potato chips from oven and serve with hummus, and salad if desired.


Serves 2

Caught up with Bob Andersen backstage before his presentation in Perth.

If you know me, you'll know I love getting amongst the audience at our events!

Do you remember last year when I bet my accountant $10 about interest rates? He just paid up!

Carissa, Kripa, Florentine & Paul from our amazing Perth crew working hard for our clients.

Development in process by two incredible clients Richie & Jenny who bought this site in Kiama, NSW.

 Bob sharing his property development strategy to a packed-out UPC audience.

Happy Birthday to our fabulous office team member Aaron. Have a great year!

Shaun's discounted Monaro that earnt him a tidy profit in a matter of weeks.

Tracy & Mike from VIC helped our official Tree Planting tally with 2 Lemon Trees. Thanks guys!

 Daniel from VIC popped in to our Sydney office to say Hi and stock up on material.

Sara, Todd, Melody and Laetitia looking pumped up after a recent Perth event.

Nick from the office won his Summer Soccer competition & gave his team mates some awesome ZPE rewards.


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