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Welcome to the blockbuster February 2017 issue of Zadel Property Education News.

Let me start by asking you: When was the last time you proactively changed something in your life for the better?

If you're to achieve success in this life, you must be willing to make changes. That is, to give up old habits and welcome new, often better ones; to give up unhealthy thoughts and cultivate a positive mindset; and to give up inaction and replace it with decisive action.

Whether we like it or not, change is the order of the day.

A front page story in the Illawarra Mercury caught my attention recently. It read: “I have no finger nails – Paul’s distress as livelihood slips away”. [read more]

It was the sad story of an industry in change. In particular a fisherman on Lake Illawarra near Wollongong named Paul, whose permit to fish is about to be extinguished due to government reforms to help preserve fish stocks. Paul has been commercially fishing for 20 years and has a wife, mortgage and second child on the way – and the stress has caused him to bite his fingernails to the bone.

I feel for Paul and his family.

I remember when I was in high school, the company where my dad worked for 20 years closed down operations in Australia and he was without a job. In his late 50’s, I had never seen a man so scared for the future or a family so shaken. It was an awful time.

And, as sad as this is for Paul and others, millions more will be facing this very soon. Whether it’s government policy change, market change, environment change, technology change, global change... change is increasing.

Here’s the thing. You can no longer play it safe. The order of the day is – adapt and change, or be swept away.

The solution today is that you need to develop multiple streams of income.

If you are relying on one job, one property, one business or one income stream, you are at high risk.

If you've been putting off change in your life, I can promise you one thing… it’s coming!

It’s better to make pro-active, positive changes now, before it is thrust upon you. Especially when income is concerned.

So let me be the one to lead you – because this year, Zadel Property Education has made big business decisions that can change the way you look at wealth creation education forever!




After 10 years of educating more than 50,000 attendees Live, we have a good gauge of which strategies are actually working in the current marketplace. So this year, we're unlocking the code to the top and on-trend wealth creation strategies, not only in property, but in digital property and in creative cashflow strategies as well!

Discover brand new insider secrets to achieve financial freedom through brand new wealth creation strategies in 2 powerful days! Limited seats only!

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The Australian property market and economy is definitely changing. Wealth creation strategies that once worked great, don’t work as well after some time and we too have to move with the changes.In response, we're announcing the arrival of 4 brand new expert speakers who are joining us at our flagship 2-Day event:

  • Australia's Online Real Estate Experts, Matt and Liz Raad, will show you how to create a life-changing passive income from simple strategies for buying, renovating and selling websites and how to build a portfolio of valuable ‘online Real Estate’.
  • Australia's motivational speaker, author, and philanthropist, Sam Cawthorn, will help you discover how to master the art of communication and influence, position yourself in the Australian market, and get paid for it!
  • Australia's leading authority on Property Options, Mark Rolton will share with you how it's possible to build real wealth by "automatically" accumulating positive cashflow properties year after year.

Be among the first to be educated by our brand new speakers!

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Education should respond to the demands of time. So we're proud to present brand new content from our trusted speakers in the field of property and wealth education:

  • Australia’s Rapid Renovation Expert, Naomi Findlay, reveals how to renovate properties for a profit and create a 6-figure income with the Rapid Renovation Formula™.
  • Australia’s Mr. Billion Dollar Developer, Bob Andersen, reveals how regular people are getting rich in record time with his property development wealth strategies.
  • Australia’s Leading Property Market Research Analyst, John Lindeman, reveals how to predict the boom and bust suburbs of 2017 and beyond.
  • Australia’s Freshest Wealth Educator, CEO of Zadel Property Education and Best-Selling Author, Stuart Zadel, will be revealing his brand new, never-before-seen session ‘The Game Of Wealth In 7 Steps’.

That's 8 of Australia's leading entrepreneurs and experts who built their fortunes through property and other creative cashflow strategies, sharing their brand new insider secrets on how to achieve financial freedom in 2017 to you!

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Introducing The *All-New* Science Of Getting Rich Home Study Program (RRP $497)

Arguably the most powerful information I've ever released! This is the ‘secret sauce’ I have used to build one of Australia’s leading wealth education companies. It consists of a 6-Disc CD Audio Recording pack plus 320-page Workbook with 150 Study Q+A's. Everyone who attends the full 2-day event will claim theirs for free.

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>Red Alert – Special VIP Bonus Pack<

Become a VIP Guest, attend our 2-day event and get incredible VIP bonuses (valued at $797) delivered straight to your inbox for only $27! But you must HURRY! Only 25% of the room is set aside for these very special VIP Upgrade tickets!

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*CONGRATULATIONS* to 350 of our best clients that just completed my flagship personal development training event, ‘The Stuart Zadel Experience’ (SZE) this month.

In my mind, this was without question the most powerful 3-day event we have ever run.

It was also the FINAL SZE event ever... but the great news is we're launching a BRAND NEW event real soon... so stay tuned for a very special announcement about what it is, where it is and how you can attend!


*CONGRATULATIONS* also to everyone who attended Rapid Renovation Expert Naomi Findlay's exclusive LIVE events in Sydney and Perth last weekend.

If you missed out, there's still a handful of tickets left for the Melbourne and Brisbane events this weekend [Learn More], plus Naomi will be back in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide for the Ultimate Property and Cashflow Conference events. [Book Now]


It's been an epic start to 2017 and as you can see we have lots of exciting news to share and events for you to attend in the coming weeks.

Below you’ll find this month’s video tips from our experts including brand new videos from our brand new experts so be sure to check them out.

To Your Success.

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with Stuart Zadel


Specialised Knowledge

Specialised knowledge is absolutely essential if you truly want to be successful. I discovered this more than 20 years ago when I studied with Bob Proctor and now I'm sharing my 'secret sauce' in the form of specialised knowledge with you.

with Naomi Findlay


Property Inspecting Before Renovation

Rapid Reno Expert Naomi Findlay reveals the top 3 things you need to consider before buying a property to renovate for wealth. Find out what these are in this month's renovation success video.

with Sam Cawthorn


The Art Of Influencing People

What's that one key element you need to influence people? Sam Cawthorn, Australian Public Speaker and Author, reveals that one quality that can greatly influence the people around you and the world.

with Bob Andersen


Choosing Your Patch

One of the most important things that you have to do as a budding property developer is to understand your local market. And this month, Billion Dollar Property Developer Bob Andersen shares tips on how to do exactly that.

with John Lindeman


The Secret Of Supply And Demand

Leading Australian Property Market Analyst John Lindeman reveals one secret relating to supply and demand by using a mystery township as his case study. Can you guess where he is? 

with Liz and Matt Raad


Renovating Websites For Profit

There's so much to look forward to in the digital world. One of them is Website Renovation. In this video, Online Entrepreneurs Matt and Liz Raad introduce you to the lucrative world of 'Online Real Estate'.


Khristi and Sean from QLD attended my SZE 2017 event and delivered this very powerful message about their wealth creation journey and the influence our mastermind team of experts, in particular Naomi and Bob, have had on their lives.

Watch their video here

Returning client Michelle from Brisbane is now on her 4th renovation project and offered these beautiful words of appreciation to myself, GM Jasi and all the team at ZPE for introducing her to her new life of financial independence.

Watch her video here

Wow! The feedback by post, email and on social media from so many of our clients who kicked off the new year at my SZE event and Naomi Findlay's events in Sydney and Perth has been incredible. So much so it made my choice on which one to pick as the Post of the Month a lot tougher, but more fun this month!

'More Money' by Noel Whittaker

It's true. Financial independence is possible for you.

Originally published in 1990 as a sequel to the international best-seller 'Making Money Made Simple', 'More Money With Noel Whittaker' includes highly valuable information about stocks, property markets, superannuation, negative gearing and traps for the unwary investor.

If 'Making Money Made Simple' aims to convince you that you can be financially independent, this book will show you how to get there.


Choose your selection of fresh organic fruit, including banana, mango, blueberries, watermelon and paw paw.

Plus, acai berry, cocoa powder, pea protein, Maca powder and/or camu camu powder, and gluten-free muesli.


1. Fresh cut the banana, mango, blueberries and paw paw, and add to a large serving bowl.
2. Cover the fresh fruit with gluten-free muesli (try the delicious Thank You brand).
3. Blend acai berry with watermelon, cocoa powder, pea protein, Maca powder and/or camu camu powder.
4. Pour blended topping on to fresh fruit then add a scoop (or 2) of yogurt (I use Co-Yo).
5. Add chia seeds and goji berries then dust with raw cocoa and a swirl of raw organic honey.

Be sure to make enough to enjoy with your loved ones!

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Raw vegan birthday cake from my amazing Perth crew

An incredible 3-day SZE event in Sydney with 350 highly energised attendees

Rapid Reno Expert Naomi Findlay presents Live to a packed out room in Sydney

Winning smiles from GM Jasi and super crew member Stuart

Reno Expert Naomi Findlay sketching up her floor plans at our Rapid Renovation Challenge

Inspiring crew members Lucien, Paula, Josh, Geoffrey and Tumai

Tracy, Helen, Letitia and Jeff having fun backstage at SZE

Crew members Wayne and Stuart on filming duties

Luke, Tumai, Mike and Andrew ready for action and an entertaining day ahead

Early morning crew briefing for some of my team at SZE

SZE crew Sara, Kalie and Mel having fun and dressing up behind the scenes

Classy crew members Kalie and Serran looking great and ready for an event in Brisbane


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