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Looking Back. Change. Bliss.

I wrote about these topics in the past 3 issues of our monthly newsletter and for a reason.

Looking back gives you a reason to think about success; change gives you a reason to pursue success; and bliss gives you a reason to stay successful.

But there's one more important thing that binds them all: GRIT.

In 2016, Angela Duckworth, a psychologist, published her best-selling book, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

In the book, Duckworth gives a name to the collection of characteristics that contribute to success. She defines 'grit' as the combination of passion and persistence. She proposes that instead of talent, grit is the secret to achievement.

I know it’s certainly been a key ingredient of our success at ZPE and as we enter our 11th year of events it’s more important than ever.

So if you think that you deserve more in this life; if you think that you can succeed and stay successful, then you've got to have grit. Lots of it. How?


Gritty people aren't afraid to take risks and to lose their own fight. That's because they know that they'll learn a great deal from it. They know that failure is a predictor of success.

At my national tour starting next weekend, my experts have their own stories of grit.

Take Mark Rolton for example – widely regarded as Australia's Leading Authority on Property Options – at 22 years of age he was critically in debt, and he didn't know what to do but grabbed an opportunity, he held his nerve and everything changed. He found immense wealth, and is now sharing what grit and bliss can do for you.

Then there's John Lindeman, who failed his first venture when the property he bought sold for less than its original sale price. But he didn't give up. Instead, he chose to learn from it and has gone on to become one of Australia's Leading Property Market Analysts.


Gritty people do things over and over again until they 'master their craft'. They don't run out of patience, because they have one thing that fuels their effort: purpose.

Naomi Findlay may have never created the Rapid Renovation Formula™ had she not actively sought to 'practice, practice, practice'. Sure she's received lessons from previous renovation projects, but because she knows that property renovation holds the key to her financial freedom, she used what she's learned to create a unique property renovation strategy. Now, she's commenced her 113th renovation project, it's no wonder she's known as Australia's Rapid Renovation Expert.


Gritty people are flexible enough to adapt to the changes in their environment. Even in resilience, they're successful.

Online investors Matt and Liz Raad recognised the immeasurable opportunities for creating passive income in the digital property market. So at a time when financial opportunities online were booming, they created a strategy that allowed them to build a portfolio of 'online real estate'. They're now free from their 9-5 routine, and they'll share what they know at my upcoming tour. Learn More


Gritty people don't make excellence their endgame. They make it their attitude. They know that positive and negative experiences foster growth, so they stay optimistic.

Sam Cawthorn, a high-profile public speaker and a Keynote inspirational speaker at my Ultimate Property & Cashflow Conference, lost his right arm and had serious injuries to his leg following a car accident – and was actually pronounced dead on the roadside. Well, Sam bounced back from being dead, literally, and despite being told he'd never walk again, used his inspiring 'bounce forward' approach to take his first steps – and he has since become a world-class public speaker, an author, and a philanthropist.

Don’t miss this chance to see Sam speak live for free.


Gritty people are conscientious. They're achievement-oriented, they work tirelessly, and they always go for gold.

Bob Andersen is very particular with conducting due diligence before starting a property development project. With accurate due diligence as a pre-requisite for every project he does, he ensures a project's financial success. And after more than 30 years in the industry, he's widely known as Australia's Mr. Billion Dollar Property Developer for a reason.

And if you don't think you have the nerve, the guts, the toughness, the excellence, the fussiness required… there's only one thing to do. Surround yourself with those that do! Success is a process of osmosis from your environment and those you choose to spend time with.

You will never see this inspiring group of Property and Cashflow Experts ever on the same stage again. It's one of those moments in history, that you could look back on as the turning point of your life.

And always keep in mind that success is never about your current circumstances, but what you're made of.

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New Webinar Series: This year we begin a brand new webinar series of world-leading experts that I know, learn from and trust, that I simply can't put on my flagship Ultimate Property Conference.

There will be lots more to tell shortly, but for now, if you are in business, would like to start one or are in the online space in any way, you'll want to see this.

Shortly I'll be hosting a webinar with Natasha Zuvela. Natasha is the World's #1 Brand and Video Transformation Coach. She's been the face of many corporate Ads, and has captured the attention of industry bigwigs like Citibank, Virgin Money, and MTV. This upcoming webinar is FREE and can show you how to position and massively grow your current or future business in the face of so much change and competition.

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Enjoy this month's Expert Video Tips and be sure to check out the Rapid Renovation Challenge update videos – and I look forward to seeing you personally at the events.

To Your Success.

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We receive lots of beautiful letters, cards and messages at our office nearly every week and they all serve as a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do. I've chosen this inspiring handwritten letter from Kelly as our Post of the Month and I'd encourage you to click the link and see for yourself what's possible. Read Now

'Making Money Made Simple' by Noel Whittaker

Making Money Made Simple, a ground-breaking book by famed author Noel Whittaker, sold millions around the world when it was published.

Presented in an easy-to-read format, it's a simple but effective guide to money, investments, borrowing, and personal finance.

If you're dreaming of financial independence, this book would be a great place to start as it holds a number of keys to financial literacy.


Coconut oil
1 tbsp. turmeric
1 small onion, diced
1 pinch of cinnamon
4 cups vegetable stock
2 tbsp. fresh ginger, minced
1 cup coconut milk; (optional)
1 apple, peeled and roughly chopped
8 carrots, peeled and roughly chopped
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 small zucchini, peeled and roughly chopped


1. Melt some coconut oil in a saucepan placed over a medium-high heat.
2. Add the ginger and onion then cook until fragrant for approx. 4-5 minutes.
3. Add all the remaining vegetables, apple and spices, then stir and cook until the carrots are soft.
4. Pour in the stock and bring to a boil, lower the heat and let everything simmer for approx. 25-30 minutes.
5. Puree the soup using a blender.
6. Pour in the coconut milk, stir and season to taste, then serve warm.


Serves 2-4

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Lights... Camera... Action!

Introducing the Rapid Renovation Formula Challenge. We're putting it to the test. Part 1.

Naomi arrives on site for the first time to see the property we've chosen for her reno challenge. Check out Part 2.

On site at the Rapid Renovation Challenge and doing my bit to keep us on time and on budget.

GM Jasi packing for the upcoming 2-Day Ultimate Property Conference events.

Team member Mel and Rapid Reno Expert Naomi Findlay catching up before an event.

Inspiring Melbourne team members Tumai, Rhi, Serena, Tracy, Mel and Dean.

Great result from Naomi's students Andy and Fi who secured a $50k profit in just 6 weeks on this reno project.

Early morning start on site for Naomi with a Breakfast Super Smoothie.

Sydney crew members Christine, Angii, Mel, Anastasia and Pete.

23 trees planted and added to our Tree Planting tally thanks to Keryn from WA.

Sydney office team members Felicity and Angii sharing a hug for the camera.

Lucien, Mel, Anastasia and Stuart enjoying some social time after an event.



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