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How We Buy, Renovate & Sell Websites For A Profit & Generate Massive Monthly Cashflow… And How You Can Too!
Website Investment Experts, Matt & Liz Raad

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Join us for this exclusive 60-minute online training event and discover THE proven, step-by-step system we use, to buy, renovate & sell (or keep!) income-generating websites which are earning from $100 – $500+ per website, per month.

This online, step-by-step system, is designed to generate a highly-leveraged income fast, requiring on average just 2–3 hours per day to run (once established).

No more holding physical stock, managing on-site staff, qualifying for business loans, saving for deposits, or running up debts...

Just passive monthly cashflow, free and clear, without all the hassles and barriers to entry associated with traditional start-up businesses.
*Hurry! Limited Spots Available. These Events Will Book Out.
Attend This *Free 60-Minute Online Training* And Discover:
✓ Insights into Matt & Liz's step-by-step system on how to buy and renovate websites for massive monthly cashflow

How to leverage a worldwide, trillion dollar marketplace and earn money 24/7 from around the globe

✓ Why NOW is the perfect time to take advantage of this opportunity to profit from buying and selling (or keeping) websites... and why you’ll kick yourself if you miss it

Which websites to buy, how to value them (this is key), and how to do your due diligence, so you don't get caught buying a lemon!

✓ The 3 simple steps Matt & Liz use to renovate their websites and how to pay them off quickly so you can buy more

A clever way to grow your online investment portfolio with no stock, no on-site staff and no debt... so you can earn income while you sleep!

✓ How to create and control your own portfolio of digital assets with Matt and Liz’s top 3 strategies for doing so

EXACTLY where you can buy highly valuable websites and how you can buy them... even if you have ZERO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE

✓ The three things you need to look out for in any website if you want to make a profit from it (you’ll start to see these characteristics everywhere when you know what to look for)

How to invest in websites and web-based businesses safely and securely

✓ How buying and selling websites is just like buying and selling property... for cash... only a lot quicker and easier!

And MUCH, much more!
*Hurry! Limited Spots Available. These Events Will Book Out.
Meet Matt and Liz
Matt and Liz are recognised as the experts on buying, renovating and selling profitable websites and businesses. Not only are they investors who own a portfolio of passive money-making websites, they now provide professional business education and training.

Matt and Liz are also advisors in buying and selling businesses valued at up to $20 million and help their clients buy and build high cashflow, debt-free website portfolios.

They began their business career buying and selling traditional offline businesses, but were quick to see that the highest cashflow and growth was happening online, so they successfully applied their buy and sell strategies to online business.
*Hurry! Limited Spots Available. These Events Will Book Out.
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