“How Every $50,000 of Gold & Silver I Own, Gives Me A Cashflow of $6,000 to $13,200 EVERY YEAR
(…and how its possible to get yours to do the same!)
Minesh Bhindi, Wealth Manager, Investor & Speaker
with Stuart Zadel, CEO Zadel Property Education
Why you should own Gold & Silver right now:
12% to 26.4% per year Cash Flow
You could be generating a 12% to 26.4% per year cashflow instead of just holding and praying with metals.
Complete Freedom
You won’t have to sit at home, guarding your Gold & Silver. You can do this from anywhere in the world.
Instant Liquidity
You’ll never have to sit on your hands if you want to sell and free up money. Two clicks and your metals are cash.
= true inflation adjusted high of Gold from the last time Gold boomed to $850/oz on January 21st 1980.
Meet Minesh Bhindi
Freedom, legacy and security, start with the right investments.
Minesh Bhindi, CEO
“We help people, with a net worth of less than $30m, learn how to create a perfect portfolio that creates & grows wealth for you & your family.”
Minesh’s first project was inspired by his father’s business of negotiating and packaging Real Estate deals for himself and his group. His deals were in Canary Wharf area of London, UK.

Minesh decided to invest in one of the deals he was packaging for investors. 3 apartments in Canary Wharf – the financial district of London, totalling £1m, he got a £68,000 cash-back with £250,000 of equity, at 17.

Attending a seminar ran by his friend, Mark Anastasi, Minesh first revealed his successes to Mark and was guided to helping others do the same. Minesh spoke his first seminars 2 weeks after a conversation with Mark.

After speaking for 7 years on stage, week in week out, delivering talks to University Investment Clubs and being interviewed around the world, Minesh spoke at an event with Richard Branson held at iconic 02 Arena in London.


Minesh’s main goal is to make safe investing exciting, after self reflection on the strategies he was teaching, he realised that while the strategies worked, most people could not do them, and if they can’t do it – no matter how profitable it is, it’s useless.

2010 to TODAY.

Minesh created then “Gold For Life” in December 2010 which evolved to Gold And Silver For Life and then grew to add Property Profits For Life and Stock Profits For Life with clients in 46 countries and approximately 92% client success rate, before being acquired and bringing his talents to Perfect Portfolio LLC in 2019.

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